Indoor play area services

Routine Inspection
A routine visual inspection is to spot evident hazards resulting from, regular use, vandalism or weather conditions. Routine inspections may be carried out Daily or Weekly depending on use and include structural inspections.

Operational Inspection
An operational inspection is a detailed inspection to check on equipment operation and stability, especially for wear. It should be carried out monthly or quarterly, depending on usage of the play area. It may be carried out by RPII certified inspectors.
Operational inspectors are responsible for keeping records of all inspections.

Routine Maintenance

The robust nature of child’s play often causes additional damage in the high wear areas, particularly entrance and exit points, if identified early these can be attended on routine inspection.  Our extensive van stock can help avoid additional visits or disruptions.

Reactive Repairs

Closure of a play facility can be expensive and frustrating, we offer a fast and effective solution when repairs are of a nature that jeopardise safety or operation. M&W offer an 8, 24 & 48 hour attendance service to deal with these incidents.

Sanitisation & Ball Pool Cleaning (Emergency or Planned)

Deep cleans

Play equipment requires additional cleaning and sanitisation in areas that are hard to reach, not just high level but throughout the facility, which causes the appearance of the area to look tired and worn, often a full deep clean can improve this appearance and prolong the life of the parts within.

Soft Play items

M&W vehicles stock additional Soft Play items to enhance a play area or replace worn items when needed.

High Level Structure Cleans

In addition to the deep cleans M&W also offer high level access cleans, to deal with residual dust and dirt build up on rafters, on top of lights etc.

Add on Sections

Add on sections are available to expand a facility either width, length, height or additional level if required.

Full Refurbishment

M&W can undertake a Full Refurbishment of a play area, stripping the facility back to the structure, designing, planning and renewing all aspects as agreed with the client.