Indoor play equipment is all year round fun for children of various ages, but as a business you need to be confident that any mishaps or issues can be dealt with safely, swiftly and without disruption. In addition all play area providers should consider Safe Play & Hygiene as an important part of their ongoing commitment when providing these facilities. M&W can take away the concerns surrounding this aspect of play area provision, by offering specialist advice and all aspects of maintenance whether it be Planned, Routine or Emergency. Our highly trained teams, operate nationwide working from a fully stocked modern fleet of vehicles.  

M&W is one of the UK’s favourite play area maintenance companies, a source to help cut routine running costs, and avoid costly closures and inconvenience.


Sanitisation & Ball Pool Cleaning (Emergency or Planned)

One area that is considered to be a breeding ground for bacteria is the Ball Pools. Regular cleaning of the balls and base will substantially reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria.

M&W Property Services Ltd provides a cleaning service for Ball Pools, using the latest washing and sanitising system. This can be a one off project or part of a maintenance programme.

Cleaning up to 15,000 balls per hour it kills germs and leaves your ball pond safe and clean, there is no mess and shut down time is minimal